Double Bird House (Blue Jay, Wren)


Ok, the title on this plan is a bit trite (Home Tweet Home), but it's cute. This is another fine woodworking plan from the makers of the Shopsmith. Inside, you will get a plan for two birdhouses (Blue jay and Wren). As always, they supply a complete material list with step by step instructions.

For the beginner Ornithologist, they have a section on tips related to birdhouses and the important things to consider during the design and build. Like most of their projects, they give you a PDF formatted plan for easy printing.

I know that this is not related to the topic of woodworking, but I looked up the word Ornithologist on Wikipedia and it's simply a list of the world's Ornithologists. It's funny that all of them would fit on one page. There must not be a lot of them. Where does one study Zoology anyway?

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