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Garage Ball Organizer

Garage Ball Organizer Woodworking PlanThe garage ball organizer project is a perfect starter project for anyone. It's simple and requires only basic hand tools. For the more advanced woodworker, it's a great project to get rid of those scrap pieces of wood that you have laying around the shop. It can be made from any type of wood: hard, soft, plywood, MDF, etc.. For my project, I used some of the scrap plywood I had laying around that I never know what to do with. Of course, I'm a huge pack rat, so I can't throw anything away. The only items that I needed to purchase were the two bungie cords that hold all of the balls in place. I'm sure that you could get a better deal at Harbor Frieght or similiar stores.

Another great point about this project is that they are easily stacked together, either side to side or top to bottom. Also, it's very easy to mount the garage ball organizers to the wall. Simple drill a couple of holes in the back brace and screw them to a stud. The design is such that you can mount them side by side on adjacent studs placed 16" on center.

Download the PDF file here.

Bill of Material

Item No. Description Qty.
1 Top/Bottom Panel 2
2 Connecting Leg 3
3 30" Bungee Tie Down 2

After cutting the 14 x 14" square panels for the top and bottom, find a coffee can or a similar round container that you can use to layout the rounded corners. Don't worry about the 4" dimension in the drawing below, just get it close. Make sure to drill the 3/8" holes in the top and bottom panels to provide a place to connect the bungee tie downs. Cut the connectin legs per the drawing below.

Don't worry to much about the exact sizes in the drawing below. Use what you have laying around your shop.


diagram of Garage ball organizer free woodworking plan

Assembly Steps

Assembly of this piece is very simple. How you assembly it will depend upon your level of expertise. For the beginner, I would recommend a simple glue up with nails pounded in from the ends to hold the peices together while they are setting up. Apply glue to the ends of the connections legs and join as indicated in the diagram above. The connecting legs are centered on the top and bottom panels.

DO NOT attached the bungees any sooner 24 hours after the glue up as this may damage the piece.

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