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Stackable Wall Unit - Base - Large Front Apron

Free woodworking plans for stackable wall unitThe front apron is made from hard wood unlike the rest of the project. You could use plywood if you were going to paint the apron. I think this piece would look really good with clear polyurethane oak finished wood on top and the apron painted glossy black. The thing to remember, when building this part of the project, is that the top overhangs the apron by 1/8" on all sides. This includes the back. For a printable version, click here.

Base - Small Side Apron

Small apron for the free stackable wall unit planThe sides are also made from hardwood and they overhang by 1/8". The corners are mitered at a 45 degree angle. See the 3D exploded view under the materials section on page 1. Woodworking plans 4 free

The joinery for the small and large aprons is very simple using butt joints and glue. You can use dowels, biscuits, or even brads to secure the pieces together. Be careful using brads on the front of the cabinet as the holes will be seen when a door is not being installed. If you don't already have a biscuit joiner, check out the one below. It is a must have woodworking tool for everyone. For a printable version, click here.


Biscuit Joiner

Porter-Cable Deluxe Biscuit Joiner, Model No. 557
7.5 amp motor delivers plenty of bite. Includes 2'' and 4'' diameter blades for standard and face frame biscuits.

Porter-Cable Deluxe Biscuit Joiner, Model No. 557

Porter-Cable Deluxe Biscuit Joiner, Model No. 557


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