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Stackable Wall Unit - Cabinet Shell

The cabinet shell is the base structure for all of the stackable pieces. To this shell, we will be adding doors, filing cabinets, drawers, and other ideas that we come up with. Item # 3 - The Cabinet shell top has the exact same dimensions as the base top, so we'll refer you to page 1 for that plan.


Item No. Description Qty.
1 Cabinet shell sides 2
2 Cabinet shell back 1
3 Cabinet shell top


4 1/4" x 1" Dowels 4
Exploded view of wall unit base

Once again, all of the pieces are made from the plywood of your choosing. The dowels are required to align each shell with the one below. This project was designed with the intent that the cabinet could be disassembled or reconfigured simply by re-stacking the shells and aligning the dowels. If you do not intend to move or reconfigure the sections, you can glue the sections together.Click here for a printable version.

Cabinet shell sides

Cabinet shell side free woodworking planThe cabinet shell side is constructed from 3/4" plywood. The dimensions shown to the left are before the edge banding is applied. Make sure that you lay out the dowel holes on the bottom before applying the edge banding. The dowel holes are are centered on the plywood. That's 3/8" for the math challenged like myself. The holes are 1 7/8" from the front and back. (before edge banding) Layout these holes very carefully, as they are joining with the holes made in the previous top section to align the cabinet sections.

After the dowel holes have been drilled, you can apply the edge banding. Banding only goes on the front and back, as the top and bottom are mating to other pieces of wood.

And of course, if you want to by the dowels on-line, from which I receive a small commission, you can do so below.


Fluted Dowel pin information

Fluted Dowel PinsFluted Dowel Pins
Fluted design offers quicker glue dispersion. Made from Kiln dried birch. Chamfered ends. Dowel pins come 50 per pack. Dimensions in descriptions are listed by diameter X length...

Fluted Dowel Pins


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