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Stackable Wall Unit - Cabinet back

Stackable wall unit back free planThe cabinet shell back is the simplest of the parts. Cut the plywood to the dimensions indicated on the left and you are done. It does not require edge banding as none of the edges are seen. The back will mount in between the two sides.




wood glue and dowels or biscuits to assembleTo assemble the cabinet shell, use a good quality wood glue, and either dowels or biscuits to join the sides to the back. The back mounts inside of the two sides like the diagram below. Once complete, glue the shell top to the side and back assembly with brads or screws. The holes left behind will be covered up with the section above it. Note: If the top of the final cabinet shell will be below eye level, you may consider using dowels wall unit free planor biscuits to hide the joinery or use wood filler to conceal the holes. The cabinet shell top over hangs the front, back and sides by 1/8".

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Wood Glue

Titebond® Glue
The cabinetmaker's standard. A ready-to-use aliphatic resin adhesive with outstanding strength. We also have Titebond Dark Wood glue for dark woods.

Titebond® Glue

Titebond® Glue

Wood Biscuits

Plate Joinery Biscuits
Three standard sizes of biscuits. Sold in packs of 250, or a box of 1000. 1000 piece biscuit mix includes all three biscuit sizes in one convenient purchase. Includes 500 #20 (2 3/8 X 1), 250 #10 (2 1/8 X 3/4), and 250 #0 (1 3/4 X 5/8) biscuits.

Plate Joinery Biscuits

Plate Joinery Biscuits


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