Cheap and Functional Workbench


The workbench is an integral part of every woodworker's workshop. This is a fairly quick and easy free woodworking plan to build. As the title says, it's also cheap, yet very functional. It will provide you with plenty of working space to build your woodworking project and give you storage below.

This would be an excellent project for the beginner. I think it gives a beginning woodworker the basics of cabinet construction and joinery. I'd give this one a try with the idea that you will upgrade your workbench as your woodworking skills improve.

The plan could have a bit more diagrams and instructions, but the material list is very complete, which should allow you to easily build this project. It could be built entirely out of plywood by gluing up two pieces of plywood to form the 1 1/2" thick pieces of stock required.

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